Guide to Matching Wedding Bands and Engagement Rings

Guide to Matching Wedding Bands and Engagement Rings

Plan on wearing a full bridal stack? If so, it’s essential to ensure the engagement ring and wedding band complement each other. Since you’ll be wearing them forever (unless you upgrade), much consideration should be given to picking the right ones. There is a lot to consider due to the sheer variety of bridal jewelry available. From rose gold vintage engagement rings to luxurious sapphire eternity bands, jewelry brands offer numerous distinctive collections. Find exquisite pieces that suit each other perfectly with Bob Richards Jewelers.

Pick Precious Metal

A ring’s color is determined by its precious metal. Available in a plethora of hues, these alloys create a vivid display. When matching rings, it’s essential to pair the rings’ metal properly. There are two main approaches. First, you can wear rings made of the same material. This ensures a unified aesthetic and a succinct look. Second, consider pairing white gold and other silvery metals with a more spectacular alloy like rose or yellow gold. Doing so creates an eye-catching, bold look, especially when accented by glittering diamonds.

Determine Style

There are many styles of engagement rings and wedding bands, each stunning and creative. Nature-inspired pieces have playful floral designs, while contemporary jewelry features clean edges and modern elegance. When picking rings, you can either create contrasting or complementary looks. Like with color, wearing rings of the same style creates a cohesive design. When donning contrasting styles, one creates a distinctive aesthetic wherein the contrasting styles bring out each piece's differences and unique eccentricities. It is easy to see the mesmerizing detail of a vintage piece when set against a sleek, contemporary alternative.

Balance Aesthetics

Some rings feature a bolder, chic appearance, while others exhibit a more understated look. When matching rings, you should pick a focal point and choose the other piece to complement it. Generally, you’ll want the engagement ring’s center stone to be the focal point of the bridal stack, accentuating its brilliance and beauty. Many wedding bands are particularly well-suited for accentuating their peers. Minimalist and understated silhouettes ensure that the diamond won’t be outshined.

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