Natural vs. Lab-Grown Diamonds

Natural vs. Lab-Grown Diamonds

For centuries, natural diamonds have been the standard in jewelry. These earth-mined marvels are luxurious and beautiful. Recently, some laboratories have started offering diamonds formed in a laboratory. Lab-grown gems offer a different appeal that some find preferable to the beauty of naturally mined diamonds.

Characteristics of Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds are cheaper than their natural peers due to the controlled environment they are made in. Each of these gems are identical, and lack any inclusions or defining characteristics. This makes them less unique than natural diamonds. They are created by two primary methods, but both begin with two tiny diamond seeds. In one method, the tiny diamond is placed in a chamber full of carbon gas. It is superheated, causing the gas to accumulate on the surface in layers. The other method involves high pressures and temperatures via state-of-the-art presses.

Characteristics of Natural Diamonds

Unlike lab-grown diamonds, every natural diamond is unique. They are the result of intense heat and pressure far underground, and brought to the surface through volcanic activity. This incredible process takes millions of years; some diamonds are even billions of years old. Almost all diamonds have inclusions that makes every stone one-of-a-kind. Not all diamonds are jewelry ready. The rarity and finite source of these incredible gemstones add to their inherently special brilliance along with retaining their value and even increasing as time moves forward.

What’s Right for You?

Although some may try to cut costs by purchasing a lab-grown diamond, in the long run a natural diamond will be a more brilliant investment to carry forward as the symbol of your love. Represent your unique love with a natural-mined diamond. Their wondrous natural origins are as beautiful as marriage itself. Just like people, there are no two diamonds that are the same. Natural gems hold or increase their value while the lab-created alternative does not. This makes a natural diamond more suitable for important heirloom-quality jewelry like engagement rings or pendants.

Find Diamonds at Bob Richards Jewelers

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