Gemstone Bracelets In Every Color

Express yourself with vibrantly colored gemstone bracelets in every color of the rainbow at Bob Richards Jewelers.

Turquoise bracelet with intricate chains plus a texture sterling silver bangle worn by a fashionable lady

Bracelets are essential accessories for creating ensembles full of personality, sophistication, and style. Whether you’re putting pieces together to form eclectic and interesting stacks or allowing them to stand independently, you can rest assured that your bracelets will garner plenty of attention and appreciation. Make an extra bold statement with bright hues and exquisite gemstones. We’ve put together a guide to some of our favorite gemstone bracelets you’re certain to love.

Cuff bracelet by Vahan featured turquoise, yellow gold, diamonds, and sterling silver


Opaque and rich, turquoise is a unique blue shade on the warmer end of the spectrum. It is joyful and bright, working phenomenally with yellow gold. This Vahan cuff, for instance, features two stunning turquoise stones accentuated with diamonds and yellow gold, all set into a glittering sterling silver bracelet. A piece like this is wonderfully versatile and easily stackable, as mixed metals make it possible to match many bracelets together with cohesion.

Blue tourmaline and diamond bracelet with intricate metalwork and textures


Elegant tourmaline comes in a great variety of hues, making it a favorite among fashion jewelry designers. It is crystal clear yet still communicates plenty of color. For a dramatic and sophisticated piece, consider an accessory like this Simon G. bracelet inlaid with serene blue tourmaline. We believe this white gold Simon G. bracelet gives this gem the regal setting it deserves, with an intricate silhouette and plenty of diamond accents.

Bracelet exhibiting brilliant diamonds and sapphires set in white gold


While sapphire actually occurs in several shades, the timeless, deep blue sapphire is easily the most beloved. These gems are stunning and eye-catching, evoking royalty and luxury on every occasion. Consider this delicate diamond and sapphire bracelet wrought in white gold for a piece unparalleled in sparkle and class. Don this piece with an elegant evening gown or well-tailored suit for an accessory that will glitter with your every move and perfectly pull together your ensemble.

Bracelet exhibiting verdant garnets surrounded by diamonds and yellow gold


Garnet is another strong and beautiful gemstone available in many hues. They are beloved for their affordability, hardness, and rich color. We love this piece from Simon G. featuring striking green garnet that would undoubtedly become a staple in any sophisticated wardrobe. The yellow gold setting provides terrific contrast that makes the gems truly pop and diamond accents add extra shine and dimension.

Bangle with rubies set in a floral pattern plus diamond stations


Expressive and warm, rubies are incredible gems that add a luxurious feel to almost any ensemble. Choose pieces that put the rubies on full display, exhibiting their unique beauty to the utmost. This white gold bangle from Simon G features floral motifs inlaid with rubies on each petal and is accentuated by precisely cut diamonds. Delicate and feminine, a piece like this would work wonderfully well with a timeless little black dress on a night out.

Bracelet with blue sapphire and small details

Shop Gemstone Bracelets at Bob Richards Jewelers

Whatever the occasion you’re shopping for or the color you’re searching for, we’re certain you’ll find a fitting gemstone bracelet from among our inventory here at Bob Richards Jewelers. Our Germantown jewelry store is stocked with only the highest quality accessories by renowned designers, sure to satisfy even the most discerning of tastes.

With the help of our expert and amiable staff, you’re guaranteed to find an accessory that you’ll cherish for years to come. Contact us today for more information on our products and services, or stop by the showroom to browse in person.


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