Perfect Watch for Your Valentine's Day Date

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a loved one while sporting a fine timepiece from Bob Richards Jewelers in Germantown, Tennessee.

Close up of a person in dress pants holding two champagne flutes and wearing a silver watch

Valentine’s Day is an ancient tradition full of rich history. Today, it's prime time to share a romantic occasion with a significant other. Whether dinner at a fancy restaurant or a hike through the woods, spend the day together to reconnect. Make sure to bring a timepiece along with you to look great and to not be late. Available in various styles, they can be perfect companions for all your date ideas. Learn what styles, complications, and silhouettes of watches are right for your date night look this Valentine’s Day with Bob Richards Jewelers.

Front and back images of an Omega De Ville watch that is gray and rose gold

Dinner: Dress Watch

Dinner at a restaurant is a Valentine’s Day classic. A delicious meal accompanied by high-end beverages allows for a heightened sense of romance and shared enjoyment. It’s also a chance to dress up in one’s best outfit. For men, dress watches are ideal. These timepieces have slender silhouettes and luxurious materials like alligator leather and rose gold. They also tend to have minimalist dials and few complications. This combination of understated features allows these timepieces to accentuate a fine ensemble without overshadowing it.

This Omega De Ville Watch is elegant and sophisticated, sporting beautiful black alligator leather, a rose gold case, and a black dial. It exhibits small details and a minimalist face. Wear this with any formal outfit to ensure a chic intrigue.

Black and silver sport watch by TAG Heuer

Outdoor Adventure: Sport Watch

Plan on going on a hike, picnic, or other outdoor adventure? Bring a timepiece along with you. Many watchmakers offer a variety of outdoor-oriented watches exhibiting helpful complications like GMTs, chronographs, and more. Durable materials like carbon fiber, stainless steel, and high-end rubber ensure you can focus on the date rather than the watch.

Don this TAG Heuer Quartz Chronograph Watch for a robust, sleek, and functional accessory. Its chronograph imparts a stopwatch function for the watch, a useful feature in every situation.

A front and back image of a silver TAG Heuer watch with a blue dial

Variety: Contemporary Watch

Sometimes having a date with multiple destinations can be fun. After lunch, head to the farmer’s market before going to the movies. The options are limitless. For a date where anything could happen, you should wear a versatile watch that won’t feel out of place. Materials like stainless steel allow for an effortless style that goes well with any outfit and will survive all the elements.

Wear this TAG Heuer Automatic Watch for an attractive, effortlessly fashionable accessory. The classic stainless steel and blue dial style guarantee a touch of fashion for any ensemble.

A silver Seiko watch with a minimalist, white dial

At Home: Minimalist Watch

There’s nothing more intimate than an at-home date. In your own space, you have complete control over the evening. You can cook your significant other’s favorite meal, watch a romantic movie, and pull out as many (or as few) stops as you want. Since it’s Valentine’s Day, it’s essential that you look your best. A great option is a vintage watch. With a conversation-sparking aesthetic and a unique look, vintage-inspired pieces are perfect.

Consider this Seiko Essentials watch for a delightful, minimalist design. It exhibits a stainless steel case, bracelet, and dial, resulting in an attractive, unified aesthetic.

A woman wearing all white and holding a colorful handbag, wearing a gold watch

Discover Timepieces at Bob Richards Jewelers

Head to Bob Richards Jewelers for high-end timepieces, fantastic jewelry, and exceptional services. No matter your Valentine’s Day plans, we can make it perfect with accessories for yourself or as gifts. After over 90 years serving the Germantown, Tennessee community, our legacy of excellence allows us to provide the best in everything to our valued customers. Want to know more? Call (901) 751-8052 or email to learn more.


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