Spotlight on the Amavida Collection

Discover the fantastically romantic Amavida engagement ring collection by Gabriel & Co.

A couple smiling in white shirts, the woman wearing a silver diamond engagement ring and placing her hand on the man’s face

Engagement rings are timeless symbols of commitment and love. Beautiful and glamorous, they evoke a stylish chic that pairs perfectly with their romantic sheen. Designer brands from all over try to create and reinvent these enchanting accessories, but few are as creative as Gabriel & Co. This New York-based brand is celebrated for their distinctive collections exhibiting unique style and high-quality materials. One of their most sublime offerings is the Amavida collection. Learn more about this fantastic line of engagement rings with Bob Richards Jewelers.

A bride wearing a lace wedding gown, holding a bouquet, with a silver halo engagement ring on her left hand

Who is Gabriel & Co.?

Gabriel & Co. is one of the jewelry industry’s most talented brands. Owned and operated by two brothers, they have an unrivaled passion for jewelry that shows in all of their fantastic collections. Sons of jewelry master Elias Gabriel, they became engulfed in the art of jewelry from a young age, eventually joining together to form a world-class team in 1989. From their New York headquarters, they’ve since become one of America’s top jewelry brands. Gabriel & Co.’s bold spirit and creative courage ensure they offer a selection with rare diversity.

The Amavida collection is truly unique. Its name translates to a “love for life” and expresses this imaginative ideal perfectly. Featuring intricate and breathtaking details plus distinctive designs, these engagement rings are exciting and exceptional.

Close up image of a silver three stone engagement ring featuring deep blue sapphires on either side of the diamond center stone

Sapphires in Three Stones

Three stone rings are luxurious and spectacular. Sporting three central gemstones, they have a peerlessly radiant and bold aesthetic. Said to represent the past, present, and future, the diamond in the middle is traditionally the most prominent to illustrate the importance of the here and now. The Amavida collection elevates this concept by swapping the accessory diamonds for elegant blue sapphires.

For example, this sapphire three stone engagement ring is a true wonder. It showcases brilliant 18k white gold accentuating the setting’s vibrant blue hues. Romantic, elaborate metal work creates a unique and fantastical look reminiscent of vintage glamor.

Close up image of a silver cushion cut engagement ring with a diamond halo and side stones

Stellar Halos

The halo setting is inherently luxurious, creating a vivid light display via an array of bright diamonds. Most halos use diminutive diamonds for a subtle dash of spectacle. The Amavida collection forgoes this approach in favor of larger, more brilliant gemstones. This establishes an eye-catching, breathtaking shine rarely found in other engagement rings.

For example, consider this diamond halo engagement ring. Lace motifs and a marvelous halo create a vast and chic style, while the 18k gold accentuates the ring’s unique elegance.

Close up image of a silver, round cut halo engagement ring with an intertwining band lined with accent diamonds

Dynamic Side Stones

Amavida engagement rings offer sublime and sophisticated silhouettes. Lively, floral-styled bands and dynamic, whirly side stone settings ensure a distinctive design. This collection is a chance for creative designers to draw from their wildest imaginings and craft eccentric and spectacular pieces, and this shows in every Amavida engagement ring.

This diamond pave and halo engagement ring is one of this collection’s finest, featuring a truly awe-inspiring form. It has a delightful, vine-like silhouette that is sure to bring a bit of whimsy to one’s bridal stack.

A couple smiling at each other and wearing all white, the woman placing her hand on the man’s face and wearing a diamond engagement ring

Find Amavida Engagement Rings at Bob Richards Jewelers

We at Bob Richards Jewelers take pride in being Germantown’s favorite source for fine bridal jewelry. Our vast and diverse selection of the best in Tennessee ensures that every visitor receives an accessory perfect for them. No matter what designer brands you prefer, you’ll find them in our showroom.

We also employ many of Tennessee’s best jewelers, appraisers, goldsmiths, and gemologists. This ensures that we can provide exceptional jewelry services including repair, polishing, restoration, and beyond. Contact us to learn more about everything we can do for you.


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