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Bob Richards Jewelers Inc
1696 South Germantown Road
Germantown, Tennessee 38138

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Bob Richards Jewelers Inc hours:
SATURDAY 9:30AM - 2:00PM

After losing his legs in a tragic sawmill accident, Rob Richards didn’t give up. He sought a vocation in which he could sustain a livelihood. He chose to become a watchmaker. Richards Jewelry was established in 1927, in the small town of Selmer, Tennessee, the legacy began.

Second generation Bob Richards, after marrying his high school sweetheart Polly, kept the legacy going by graduating from watchmaking school and working at the family store for two years. Moving to Memphis, working for Sears and doing repair for other stores, he worked hard to improve his skills. In 1975, he began working at Brodnax Jewelers, but big changes were happening at Brodnax. Bob decided it was time to open his own store. Polly, being a stay at home mom whose life revolved around their two children Anthony and Andrea, gave up her job of volunteering at the children’s school, to become a jewelry store owner. In 1984, the legacy continued.

Third generation Anthony Richards, just graduating from college with a degree in Finance and Accounting started working at the store. Anthony decided it was time to bring the business side up to date by adding computers. In 2013, with the purchase of land, a new store was built, and Bob Richards Jewelers had a new home. In 2016, in the small town of Germantown, Tennessee, the legacy lives on.