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Here's What You Need To Know About The Striking Changes In The Design Of
Wedding Bands


Wedding bands which feature designs never seen before, are the key to beautiful wedding photos  you’ll want to revisit for the next fifty years. This is possible when you know what to look for when shopping time arrives. 
Shopping for wedding bands…and you aren't sure where to start. Everything looks beautiful and interesting.  But, how do you pick the wedding bands which will make you feel happy about your choice many years from now?
Would you like to know which style of wedding bands will make your heart beat faster every time you look at it? Choose a wedding band that reflects your personality and style! Here's how:


Explore wedding bands which are
different from what you’ve seen before

You are unique; your relationship is unique, so why shouldn’t your wedding band be unique.
Would you want the same wedding band as everyone else? Find something that defines you.

Pave wedding bands



Pave wedding bands offer an incredible design which can enhance your outfit with a jewelry piece that reflects  light like few others do.

Shop pave wedding bands


Channel wedding band



Channel wedding bands will make you stand out in the crowd with brilliance and shine.  They have a continuous row of diamonds flanked by precious metal bars we do not see very often in the design of wedding bands.

Shop channel wedding bands


Prong wedding band



Guarantee  the most exquisite prong-set wedding band. Start by deciding which prong setting will look best with the wardrobe you already have. You can pick a bar, decorative, illusion, or basket prong setting, and much more!

Shop prong-set wedding bands


Men wedding band

Shop uniquely designed wedding bands for men

Modern men who have vision will delight in designs developed exclusively for them.  Wedding bands for men can go beyond simple expectations with new designs which makes them feel super confident.
Choosing a one-of-a-kind wedding band for men will help relieve any worries about making the right choice. Make the most of your style and choose a band that will enhance it—smooth,  adorned with diamonds, or a perfect blend of beautiful materials!
Modern designs have met the moment with a surprising variety of wedding band styles for men. Current designs are not only very attractive but explore a variety of textures that you’ll love to wear. Here are wedding band finishes that will inspire you to live life at its fullest—with character and strength:


Patterned wedding band


Look authentic and genuine with unlimited lines and prints of contemporary twists.

Brushed wedding band


Choose timeless aesthetics over robust materials for an extraordinary effect.

Encrusted with diamonds wedding band

Encrusted with diamonds

This exceptionally detailed finish will quickly become your trademark. 

Sleek wedding band


Choose simplicity for an uncomplicated style.

Hammered wedding band


A  pivotal finish of bands designed for men who love to go for an edgy look.

Two-toned wedding band


A compelling combination of two metals to show off your masculinity.

Layered wedding band


An ambitious design full of many levels of beauty. 


Wedding band designers that will make you the center of attention

Gabriel Co wedding band

Gabriel & Co.

When you try on Gabriel & Co.'s wedding bands for women, the effect is instant: Wow, I look so beautiful!  Enjoy designs full of art, craft and romance. Their rings are so beautiful it almost looks like you can't have it, but guess what? You can!

Shop Gabriel & Co.

Simon G. wedding band


Simon G.


Think of wedding bands rarely seen before—bypass, channel settings with emerald cut diamonds, rows of sapphires—all musts we used to see in engagement rings now are a part of Simon G.'s wedding bands designs. Make sure you guarantee a ring you’ll love.

Shop Simon G.

Goldman wedding band


So, are you craving a wedding band which makes  you look gorgeous now, but encompasses your favorite features from the past? Goldman will do that and more for you. Shop wedding bands which keep their vintage glam alive while still providing a contemporary look.

Shop Goldman


Which metal defines you?

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