• CW21 certified and Rolex trained technicians
  • Modern testing equipment
  • Most repairs done on premises
  • Guaranteed service
  • Expert Evaluation
  • In business for 34 years, you can trust our unparalleled experience

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Watches are an integral part of our universe. We understand how important it is for you to preserve the integrity of a relative's watch or even your everyday watch. Our watchmakers are certified to repair some of the most prestigious watches made. They hold CW21(Certified Watchmaker of the 21st Century) certificates. Having four in-house watchmakers gives you service rarely matched in this industry.
Our horologists service the world's finest watch brands such as: Rolex, Breitling, TAG Heuer, and many more.
You can keep your watch running with optimal precision, and preserve its resale value, by allowing us to conduct maintenance at regular intervals. Our Watchmakers will disassemble the entire mechanism, scrutinize every component to ensure that it is fully functional and replace any damaged parts. Before reassembling, we clean and lubricate it. The case and wristband are cleansed and refurbished as well. Afterwards the movement is adjusted in an electronic test run. We monitor the precision of the timepiece during several days of testing. Finally, we restore the water-resistance according to the manufacturer's specifications and recheck all watch functions.
If you wish to remove the scratches and redeem that original shine in your watch, bring your watch in and let our watchmakers restore it like new.


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