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Marquise Cut Rings

Characteristics of Marquise Cut Rings

Originating from the courts of 18th century France, the marquise diamond shape has a history as intriguing as its design. It's believed that King Louis XV requested a diamond to mimic the captivating lips of his mistress, Jeanne Antoinette Poisson, the Marquise de Pompadour. This elongated, boat-like cut offers the illusion of greater size and lends an elegant elongation to the wearer's finger. In contemporary times, it strikes the perfect balance between vintage allure and modern sophistication. At Bob Richards Jewelers, our collection boasts an extensive range of designer marquise cut engagement rings, allowing every love tale to sparkle uniquely.

Popular Marquise Cut Engagement Rings

Unparalleled craftsmanship and innovative design, Simon G. creates gorgeous marquise engagement rings. Their signature rings seamlessly blend vintage elegance with modern intricacies. The marquise cuts, in particular, boast precise facet placements to maximize brilliance and fire. What truly sets these rings apart are the intricate details—think delicate milgrain edges, surprise diamonds, and hand-engraved motifs. The use of high-quality metals and incredible attention to side-stone settings amplify the centerpiece's allure. Simon G.'s marquise creations remain distinct, making them the quintessential choice for brides seeking timeless sophistication.

Marquise cut engagement rings by Gabriel & Co. capture the very essence of romance and artisanal excellence. Known for their meticulous design philosophy, Gabriel & Co. emphasizes intricate halo settings that enhance the marquise diamond's elongated beauty. Unique to the brand, the rings often display swirling patterns and vintage-inspired filigree work, lending an air of nostalgia. Moreover, their distinctive use of mixed metals, be it rose gold accents or two-tone bands, complements the central marquise stone, offering depth and character. These design subtleties, exclusive to Gabriel & Co., establish their marquise rings as both a statement of love and a piece of art.

Discover Marquise Cut Diamond Rings at Bob Richards Jewelers

For those on a quest for the perfect symbol of love, start and end your search at Bob Richards Jewelers. With a vast collection of stunning designer marquise cut engagement rings, our Germantown jewelry store is a sanctuary for lovers of extraordinary craftsmanship and design. We've built our reputation not just on the beauty of our inventory but on the integrity of our service. As you undertake the journey of a lifetime, choose a jeweler you can trust. Contact us at Bob Richards Jewelers to learn more about our unparalleled products and services.