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All You Need To Know About Jewelry & Watch Repair Services

Are your favorite timepieces and jewelry in need of some love? Timepieces can have as many as two thousand moving parts. Similarly, jewelry is made of delicate parts and precious stones, making them both considerable investments.
But that’s not all. It’s truly heartbreaking when jewelry and timepieces break because we all have memories and feelings attached to them.  From important ceremonies to life’s milestones, jewelry becomes more and more important to us as the years go by.
But don’t worry. This article covers ways to upkeep your jewelry and timepieces and the many repair solutions you can get done to bring your most treasured pieces back to their first-day glow.



Why choose Bob Richards


Since 1984, Bob Richards Jewelers have provided repairs, assistance, and maintenance services in Tennessee, guaranteeing trust and professionalism to all our customers in the Memphis Area.
When you bring your jewelry and timepieces to us, our talented jewelers get to work on finding possible repair solutions. We listen to all your preferences and concerns before moving on with any repairs. Below is a list of all services you can get done at Bob Richards.


Watch repair services 


Timepieces require regular maintenance to always perform accurately. And if you’ve neglected your timepiece a bit, it might need repairs. Don’t worry, though, with the right repair service, your luxury watch can work efficiently and look beautiful again.


Battery replacement
Regular batteries last between eighteen months and two years of normal use. If your battery-operated timepiece shows delays, the battery might be about to die.
Replacing batteries is uncomplicated but preserving the waterproof seal on your watch requires expert service, so don’t hesitate in taking your watch to experienced jewelers, even for a simple battery replacement.

Your wristwatch should fit you like a glove. Whether you wear link or leather watches, remember all luxury timepieces are designed with your comfort in mind.
So, get your watch adjusted with us. We also provide alternatives for broken pins if you need a full watch band replacement.

Did you know magnetic fields can affect your watch’s accuracy? While the term sounds very high-tech, the truth is that we encounter such magnetism very frequently at airports, security locks, and even our cellphones.
So, if the rhythm of your watch is not the same, we can have it demagnetized. Timepieces are crafted to work with incredible precision. We guarantee they’re always accurate and on time.

Crystal display replacement
The more often you wear your watches, the bigger the chances of scratching them, no matter how careful you are. So, if rough surfaces have altered the flawless outline of your watch, and you can see scratches every time you look at it, it’s time to consider a crystal replacement. 
If your timepiece is relatively new, bring it to our jewelers, they’ll be able to tell if a light polishing can help or if an authorized crystal replacement is the best alternative.

Custom Design Services


Custom design is a great opportunity to have something precious tailored especially for you (or for the person you’d like to surprise). At Bob Richards Jewelers, the whole custom process can be done in only a few steps. Here’s how it works:

1 - Book an appointment to share what you’ve envisioned with our jewelers. At this stage, you can bring anything that has inspired you, such as pictures and sketches.

2 - Our designer will put your ideas on paper and design a computer 3D model of your jewelry piece.

3 - We create a wax model to better see how your jewelry piece will look from all angles.

4 - Now, our jewelers get to work, and you’ll be the new owner of exclusive jewelry!

Jewelry Repair Services 

Ring Resizing
It can be hard to guess the size of a ring, especially if it’s a gift. The good news is that if you want to surprise your special someone with a ring, you can always order the average size and send it back to us for resizing!
Ring resizing is a common repair, and most rings can be readjusted. Rings accented with diamonds and titanium rings can be more difficult to resize, though. So talk to your jeweler before purchase, and if your ring size has changed, you can always take it for an evaluation.
Stone replacement
Jewelry pieces missing precious stones lose all their glamour. Prongs are the tiny “claws” used to keep a precious stone in place. With years of wear, these prongs might come loose, and that’s a red alert your investment is in danger. 
So, whether you have loose prongs or jewelry with missing stones, we can help you with the adequate repair, and our gemologists will help you find gemstone replacements that will be a seamless match to the ones in your jewelry piece.  
Most of the issues with jewelry pieces cannot be seen by the naked eye. That’s why it’s so important to take it in for inspection from time to time. Your jeweler can verify the smallest fissures and keep bigger breakages from happening.
Polishing and cleaning are two of the services a thorough inspection may signalize. This not only removes impurities from your precious jewelry, but also ensures you can have your pieces forever.

Rhodium Plating
Did you know you can bring your white gold jewelry back to its first-day glow with rhodium replating? Rhodium is a durable metal jewelers use to add luster and protection to white gold jewelry.
So, if your white gold jewelry has become a little dull, and its shine has dimmed, we can bring them back with a fresh layer of rhodium! 

Chain Repairs
We always advise our customers to keep chains with wobbly clasps or weak links in a safe place until they can bring them to us to make them one hundred percent safe to wear again.
Chains tend to slip off our necks and wrists without our notice, so always take them for inspection and remember that the constant use of skincare products and even showering with your jewelry on can weaken it.  Our jewelers can take care of soldering, cleaning, and welding. 

Jewelry and watch repair in Germantown, Tennessee

Every day, Bob Richards Jewelers’ professionals work at the heart of our store to bring jewelry and watches back to life.  
Join hundreds of customers in the Memphis area who’ve experienced our passion for crafting jewelry and repairing timepieces with the highest degree of complexity. 
Visit us at 1696 South Germantown Road, Germantown, Tennessee. If you prefer, send us a text using the box in the corner of this page, and we’ll be with you shortly! 
 And don’t forget to explore Bob Richards Jewelers’ Instagram and Facebook pages for our latest news and stunning jewelry inspiration!

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