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Get to Know Gabriel & Co.

January 15th, 2022

gabriel and co available at bob richards jewelers of germantown

The jewelry in your life plays a special role in your style. Your bridal pieces need to meld well with your existing wardrobe and fashion jewelry. These pieces you choose to wear should reflect your personal style while remaining mainstays for decades to come. Fortunately those who choose Gabriel & Co. for their bridal and fashion jewelry needs can be reassured they are purchasing timeless pieces that will be as beautiful as the day they bought them even several years down the road.

Meet Gabriel & Co.

A New York City-based company, Gabriel & Co. was created by style-minded brothers Jack and Dominick Gabriel. Since then, they have spent 30 years building a reputation based on equal parts artistry and passion. Using only the highest-grade metals and certified diamonds, this much-beloved designer offers trending looks that stand the test of time. From celebrating special moments to showing loved ones you cherish them, a piece by Gabriel & Co is perfect for all of life?s most important occasions.

gabriel and co engagement rings in germantown

Stunning Engagement Ring Styles

Brides adore Gabriel & Co. Bridal because the designer offers uncommon silhouettes and styles rarely seen in the world of wedding jewelry. However, that does not mean you will not find classic engagement ring styles as well. Mixing the modern with the vintage, Gabriel & Co. is known for its unforgettable halo rings featuring beautiful circles of diamonds around the center stone. For a different version of this trend, consider a design featuring curving shanks looped into the halo.

Another classic ring style, the solitaire is at once traditional and striking. Fortunately, Gabriel & Co. offers plenty of variety for those seeking a more distinctive solitaire look. Choose from an array of options including bands with engraving, beading, and overlapping shank styles.

beautiful wedding bands from gabriel and co

Beautiful Wedding Bands

When you choose Gabriel & Co. Bridal for your wedding jewelry, you do not have to worry about being on your own to find a gorgeous wedding band. Plenty of this designer?s styles meld perfectly with their engagement looks. For the ultimate in bridal jewelry romance, consider a classic eternity band. The diamonds wrap around the band in a circle as everlasting as your love.

Of course, not all engagement rings sit flush with this ring style. More structured engagement rings might benefit from a curved wedding band that nestles perfectly against the center stone. Choose from an array of styles featuring mixed metals, pave, engravings, and more.

fashion rings from gabriel and co

Gabriel & Co. Fashion Looks

Bridal jewelry is special, but sometimes you want a beautiful piece just because. For those moments, take a close look at Gabriel & Co. Fashion collections. The fashion rings in the Bujukan collection are a nod to the Balinese art of persuasion with these designs celebrating the temptation of the unknown. We especially love this line for the modern yellow gold and diamond accents.

Gabriel & Co. Fashion also offers plenty of designs for the woman who sets trends rather than following them. If you love everything fresh and new, you cannot go wrong with a necklace from the Contemporary collection. Choose from an array of playful pendants, including anchors, stars, and all-knowing eye designs.

Shop Gabriel & Co. at Bob Richards Jewelers

At Bob Richards Jewelers, we happily house pieces by Gabriel & Co. and other top designers. Whether you?re shopping for engagement rings, wedding bands, or fun fashion jewelry to showcase your style, trust that there is a piece in our collection to meet your needs. Ready to find something truly special? Stop by our Germantown showroom, or contact us to speak to a member of our knowledgeable team.