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Guide to Diamond Shapes

August 5th, 2022

a guide to diamond shapes with bob richards jewelers of germantown

Luxury is a language, and nothing conveys the same romance as a diamond. These colorless gemstones are brilliant, strong, and beautiful. No matter whether the center stone of an engagement ring or set in a pair of stud earrings, diamonds are always radiant and regal. For centuries, these jewels have captured the imagination of gemcutters, also known as lapidarists. As time and technology have advanced, so too have the techniques used to cut gems. Today is an exhilarating time to be in search of a glamorous diamond. Discover your favorite diamond shape with this guide by our team at Bob Richards Jewelers.

classic round diamond engagement ring

Round: Classic and Brilliant

When most people imagine a diamond, they are thinking about a round cut diamond. The technically-minded refer to it as the brilliant cut. This shape is ubiquitous and highly desirable, owing to its peerless brilliance. Their reflective properties are due to the sheer number and angle of their facets. Around 75% of all diamond sales for engagement rings are round cut, making them by far the most popular.

For those in search of a bright and radiant diamond, the round cut is hard to beat. They also evoke a classic, timeless style. People who want something more unique may wish to look for a different cut.

three stone princess cut engagement ring on plant

Princess: Modern and Luxurious

This shape is truly unique. Resembling an upside-down pyramid, it has a stunning square shape with sharp edges. While the princess cut is the second most popular shape, its distinctive appearance lends it a more eccentric look. This boldness also evokes an image of regal projection.

The princess cut is perfect for anyone who opts for a more spectacular ring. It also has a fascinating modern intrigue, guaranteeing that it suits those with more contemporary sensibilities.

oval cut engagement ring on woman

Oval: Slender Elegance

These diamonds are slender and sophisticated. What sets oval cut diamonds apart is their surface area: they have a lot of it. It allows these stones to reflect a lot of light despite having fewer facets than the round cut. From some angles, it produces a vivid and enchanting menagerie of wonder. Oval cuts are relatively rare compared to other shapes, so every ring with an oval diamond is guaranteed to be unusual.

This shape is ideal for people who love round shapes yet do not love the ubiquity of round cut diamonds. Furthermore, oval shaped stones evoke a vintage aesthetic with sophisticated imagery.

emerald fancy cut engagement ring

Emerald: Fancy and Rare

These stones are elongated, rectangular-shaped gemstones. Emerald cut diamonds are said to have a ?hall of mirrors? effect derived from the angle of their facets. They are extremely rare, comprising less than 4% of diamond sales. This may be because the emerald cut reveals the inside of a gem like no other shape. They readily present a diamond?s imperfections, so only high-quality stones should be used for this shape.

People who want to show off a particularly gorgeous stone may prefer this shape, as will those who appreciate something unusual. Individuals with a lower-quality diamond should look elsewhere.

pear shape engagement ring

Pear: Style and Movement

The pear shaped diamond, sometimes referred to as a teardrop, is beloved by many. With a narrow tip and wide bottom, there are few shapes as distinctive as this one. An interesting property of pear diamonds is that they make smaller stones look more prominent while emphasizing the elegance of larger gems.

Pear cut diamonds are exceptional choices for people on a budget. Their fantastic form makes them appeal to romantics and idealists alike.

engagement ring on woman with flowers

Find Every Diamond Shape at Bob Richards Jewelers

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