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Precious Glow: Platinum vs. White Gold

February 15th, 2022

Deciding to purchase a piece of luxury jewelry is a big deal that requires careful consideration. When that piece is also as symbolic as an engagement ring or wedding band, then every detail should be scrutinized. White gold and platinum are two cool-toned precious metals that are popular choices for designer brands to include in their bridal collections. Our experts have put together a guide to help you make your decision based on as much knowledge as possible as both are wonderful selections that make the most beautiful jewelry.

Deciding to Buy Platinum

Platinum is considered a mostly pure metal as jewelry made with this metal is 95% platinum with only 5% other pure alloys. A naturally white material that shines a brilliant neutral light tone that makes it perfect to hold diamonds and colorful gemstones alike. Renowned for its strength, any piece made out of platinum will make for a fantastic heirloom piece.

Spark of White Gold

The favorite choice for most bridal and fashion jewelry, white gold is made by combining gold with an array of different white metals, such as silver and nickel, to create different levels of strength. 24K is considered pure gold but is also incredibly easy to damage and bend because of its soft malleability. This makes it unwearable. 18K consists of 75% gold with the remaining 25% consisting of alloys that reinforce the gold and provide missing properties. 14K is the strongest because it consists of 58.3% gold and 41.7% pure alloys. The rhodium plating provides white gold its glow while allowing the gold to sparkle through.

Persisting Durability Through Maintenance

Regular maintenance is important for any piece of luxury jewelry, but some types require more than others. Platinum needs very little maintenance other than an occasional at-home cleaning and annual professional polishing. Although stronger and denser than white gold, it does have a tendency to scratch with age if not properly cared for with simple maintenance.

White gold, although it does not scratch as easily, does require more maintenance. Not only will you need to have pieces redipped in rhodium, but they should be professionally polished every six months as well.

Cost of Platinum vs. White Gold

The rarity and density of platinum jewelry does make it the more expensive price tag when you are looking in a showroom. White gold is more accessible and the supply of gold is less finite than platinum, so prices are able to be less expensive for these items. However, the cost of upkeep needs to be calculated into this equation.

You will need to continually pay to replate and polish white gold jewelry whereas platinum jewelry requires maybe a yearly payment to have it professionally polished. Depending on what you are initially looking to pay or what you are prepared to pay over time can help you decide which one you enjoy more. Ultimately it will come down to how you feel about each of these metals.

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