Up and Coming 2023 Jewelry Brands

November 15th, 2022

Up and Coming 2023 Jewelry Brands

2023 is going to be an exceptional year for jewelry. Established brands and new companies are crafting a wide variety of stunning pieces to suit every preference. Every one of these luxurious accessories is guaranteed to be a welcome addition to any collection. At Bob Richards Jewelers, we offer several pieces by these incredible brands. Here are a few of the many brands taking things up a notch in 2023.

Trellis Simon G. Fashion Ring

Simon G.

Discover something fantastic with Simon G. This world-renowned company offers a plethora of lovely collections. Known for their eccentric styles and silhouettes, it?s difficult not to fall head over heels for their mesmerizing jewelry. They have been creating highly desirable pieces for decades, and this upcoming year is no exception.

Wear this Simon G. Trellis fashion ring for a delightfully radiant aesthetic. Showcasing a floral design with diamonds and 18k gold, it evokes a gorgeous, playful glamor.

Spark Creations Studs

Spark Creations

Spark Creations is a New York-based brand with a penchant for colorful gemstones. They make creative use of many jewels, such as sapphires, aquamarine, emeralds, and rubies. All of their pieces are attention-getting and intriguing. For those who want to add a splash of color to their outfit, Spark Creations is always an excellent choice.

Give your ensemble a fiery touch with these Spark Creations studs. They feature passionate red rubies and dazzling diamonds set in a stellar pattern.

Vahan Bracelet


The jewelry of Vahan is attractive and exquisite, exhibiting gorgeous and intricate metalwork. All of these pieces are bold and daring, sure to make a highly luxurious statement. This New York brand is sure to be a major player in 2023. As large and spectacular jewelry is trendy, Vahan is certainly going to hit the ground running.

This Vahan bracelet is truly magnificent, sporting a regal and elaborate silhouette. An intricate, striking sterling silver band yields a breathtaking white gold and diamond center.

Gabriel & Co. Sterling Silver and Pearl Necklace

Gabriel & Co.

This California brand is popular and iconic. They offer a wide range of spectacular jewelry, each distinct and unique. Gabriel & Co. draws inspiration from many sources, be they cultures, materials, or vintage styles. This brand?s diverse selection ensures that everyone can find something perfect for them.

For an elegant and sophisticated necklace, this Gabriel & Co. sterling silver and pearl necklace is an exceptional outfit addition. The sleek silhouette and delightful sheen are enchanting and beautiful.

Discover Jewelry at Bob Richards Jewelers

Discover Jewelry at Bob Richards Jewelers

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