How to Pick the Best Timepiece for Him

Watches are an essential part of any man’s wardrobe. They not only sport a masculine and chic aesthetic, but they also offer a variety of functions that make life easier. A well-chosen watch can be an everyday accessory, acting as the wearer’s special companion in all of the obstacles life throws at them. From GMTs to perpetual calendars, there’s no end to the toolset a watch can provide. In addition, there are also plenty of stylistic options available. Everyone has their own taste. Whatever that is, it can be matched with a watch. For these reasons and more, timepieces are the ultimate choice for a gift to give to a man.

Find His Complications

Complications are tools besides basic timekeeping. If there’s a function on the watch besides showing the hour and minute of the present time zone, it’s a complication. Some people can get a lot from a certain complication, while others may not get much from them at all. For example, the GMT complication lets the wearer see the hour and minutes in multiple time zones. For remote workers and travelers, such a complication is essential. Chronographs add stopwatches to the timepiece. These are perfect for athletes, as it allows them to better track their progress. There are dozens of complications, each adding its own unique function and style to the watch.

Discover His Style

Everyone has their own taste. When buying someone a watch, make sure you figure out what their style preferences are. Do they prefer a minimalist aesthetic? There are several minimalist pieces available, exhibiting few colors and complications in favor of an elegant, sleek look. Meanwhile, maximalist pieces opt for luxurious glamour via precious metals and gemstones. For someone who wears fancy suits often, a dress watch will be ideal. They have slender, understated silhouettes so as to not overpower the suit’s beauty. Dress watches usually have rose or yellow gold cases paired with rich alligator leather straps. Think about his lifestyle and the kind of watch it may demand.

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