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Fashion Meets Function: Diamond Accented Watches for Women

September 15th, 2023

close up image of a woman looking at her phone and wearing a silver, diamond accented watch

The allure of women's watches transcends mere timekeeping when they are adorned with the timeless sparkle of diamonds. These jewels can be meticulously placed on the case, dial, or bezel of a watch, transforming it into a dazzling piece of art. When light catches the facets of these embedded diamonds, the watch comes alive, exuding opulence. Such watches aren't just for telling time; they are a statement, suited for individuals with a penchant for the finer things in life. For those seeking this extraordinary blend of horology and craftsmanship, Bob Richards Jewelers is proud to offer an unparalleled inventory of diamond-studded women's watches.

Why Diamond Accents?

The epitome of refined lavishness in women’s timepieces often lies in diamond accents. These precious gemstones elevate watches by infusing them with a timeless allure. Transforming even the most understated designs into captivating pieces of art, diamonds have the unique ability to capture and reflect light, drawing the eye to the watch's intricate details. More than just their aesthetic appeal, diamond accents represent durability and rarity. For those who value both style and substance, these gleaming additions are a testament to an appreciation for craftsmanship and life's most exquisite luxuries.

a silver watch with a blue dial and diamond indices

Dial Diamond Accents

The dial of a watch, commonly known as its face, is a canvas that tells time through numerals, markings, and hands. A mark of true grandeur is the incorporation of diamonds onto this canvas. Typically, customization involves replacing traditional "stick" markers with glittering diamonds. To achieve this, old markers are removed, precise holes are drilled, and diamonds are then meticulously set onto the dial. This not only elevates the watch's magnificence but also enhances its readability. Furthermore, for those wanting to add a personal touch, the dial's color can be modified. An exquisite example of this artistry is this TAG Heuer Carrera Automatic watch. Diamond indices stand out starkly against the deep blue dial for a dynamic effect.

a yellow gold watch with a white dial and diamond studded bezel

Bezel Diamond Accents

The watch bezel, traditionally a metal ring made from materials like ceramic, steel, silver, or gold, frames the watch, securing the crystal over the dial. While many associate bezels with dive watches for their functional rotating scales, many are stationary, serving a decorative purpose. Elevating this aesthetic is the addition of a diamond-studded bezel. This customization involves placing a luminous row of precision-cut diamonds around the entire circumference of the bezel. The transformation retains the original watch's essence, as the initial bezel is replaced with this radiant ring. A stunning instance of this craftsmanship can be observed in this Seiko Essentials women’s watch. Its glittering bezel gives the piece an air of refinement, making it perfect for special occasions.

a silver watch with rose gold accents and a diamond studded case and bezel

Case Diamond Accents

A watch’s case is more than a visual delight; it's the guardian of the delicate movement within. While watch cases are crafted in various shapes—round, square, oval, tonneau, and rectangular—their allure is profoundly magnified when graced with diamonds. The intricate process of embedding these gems involves drilling minuscule holes onto the case surface, then filling them with gold to securely fix the diamonds. This procedure, when executed by a skilled artisan, ensures the case remains intact, preserving its water-resistant attributes. An example of such craftsmanship is this stunning Omega De Ville women’s watch. This exquisite timepiece boasts diamonds not only on its bezel but also elegantly studded across its case.

close up image of a woman with her hand in her jacket pocket wearing a diamond studded watch

Shop Diamond Accented Women’s Watches at Bob Richards Jewelers

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