Characteristics of Natural Diamonds

Natural diamonds are a geological phenomenon created over millions of years by pressure and intense temperatures far beneath the earth’s surface. They are only able to be mined after being pushed to the surface by way of volcanic eruptions. Known as the hardest natural stone, diamonds are universally loved for their brilliant beauty and durable facets. Natural diamonds are unique stones that make magnificent features in jewelry and designer timepieces. As diamond recovery (also referred to as mining) has continued to decline over the years, existing natural diamonds are now even more rare and valuable. 

Natural vs Lab-Created

Technical innovations have allowed scientists and jewelers to create lab-created diamonds that are visually, chemically, and physically identical to mined diamonds. Yet the mass-produced likeness of these diamonds still does not compare to naturally formed diamonds. The resale value of lab-created diamonds is far lower than that of naturally mined diamonds, especially when natural diamonds' resale value continues to increase. Rarity and a genuine unique artifact from our Earth are what truly sets natural diamonds apart. Many value natural stones for the incredible circumstances under which they are formed. 

Why Choose a Natural Stone?

Buying a diamond is an investment, which is why considering the traits of natural versus lab-grown diamonds is so important. A natural diamond can be resold at a significant amount, which is highly beneficial if you are interested in upgrading an engagement ring. There are only a finite amount of natural diamonds on the planet, and if diamond recovery stops completely then there will only be so many stones left. Indulge in an item that is older than life on Earth in an amazing ring, necklace, or set of earrings. 

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